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Shifting Horizon
draught 2015
winter son (Mole) 2016 oil on canvas
Nostalgia, December 2015
Windhoek water reservoir 2015
drought II (2016)
sunday morning,2016 oil on canvas
Dry Waterhole
Gobabeb 2015, ash, acrylic, canvas
my father's country II,2015
desert 2015
my father's country I, 180x120cm, ash acrylic canvas
Nostalgia (Swakop Plains) 2015, ash acrylic canvas
yellow line
05 Barbara Bohlke _Southern Pastures_
ash dust
02 Barbara Bohlke _Longing_
shifting horizons 1 Jan 2017 ash, iron oxide, charcoal on canvas 120x160cm
18 Barbara Bohlke _Gezeiten (Tides)_
 Barbara Bohlke _Ancient Fields_ copy_ed
04 Barbara Bohlke _Mystery_
06 Barbara Bohlke _Mind Shift 1_
07 Barbara Bohlke _Mind Shift 2_
03 Barbara Bohlke _Mist over Dunes_
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